Buttermere Triathlon Photos 2013

On Saturday 14 Septemeber 2013 I took photos at the Buttermere Tri. Buttermere Triathlon photos 2013 links can be found at the bottom of this post. For me this was a first, I have not previously taken photos at a triathlon.  It turned out to be fantastic day, the weather was very kind, good for the race and good for the photos. Over 200 competitors turned up for the Buttermere Triathlon, the event centtre was at Buttermere, the race organise/director is Ian Mulvey from High Terrain Events.  I know Ian from old when we used to compete against each other at Adventure Races.

Buttermere Triathlon swim

There were a few faces I recognised, but mostly I had not come across these guys and girls before.  The lake was flat calm with swirls of mist around hugging the lower parts of the Mountains.The first leg of the tri was a swim was on Buttermere.  Two buoys had been inflated and the swimmeres set off in a clockwise direction heading diagnally across the lake.  There was an impressive amount of kayaks on the lake offering water safety coverage.  It was a mass start and an impressive sight to see 200 swimmersstarting off together,  two swimmers soon got an early lead and looked impressive, the water conditions were calm and kind to the athletes.  The homeward leg on the swim for these triathletes was cold, this is where the entry stream brings in the cooler water and by this time in the race the adrenaline is subsiding and the cold is felt much more.

Buttermere triathlon 2013 tri

Once out of the water there was a 200m run to the transition area, A quick change on to the bikes, the first 200m wason a farm track and care was needed not to punctureon the lead up to the road.  The first couple of miles is flattish running at the side of Buttermere before the first of the big climbs on he bike stage, Hoinistor Pass, this hill kicks up 25% in places.  I had run back to the van and drove to the top of Honistor after seeing the first swimmers finish and just got there in time to see the lead riders summiting the col (two days after the tri, the Tour of Britain is scheduled to ride this mountain pass).  The riders then descended in Borrowdale andtraveled down the side of Derwentwater and made their way to the foot of the next climb Whinlatter pass.  Again this a tough long climb particulalry on tired legs. After this follows a long descent into Lorton and back along the Buttermere valley.  I had positioned myself on the side of Crummock water with the idea that I could photograph both the riders from this area, allowing for the fast racing snakes  who were nearing the end of their race to be photographed alongside those still finishing the last two miles of the ride.

Buttermere triathlon run

The final event of the Buttermere Triathlon was the run which circumnavigated Crummock water.  The West side of the lake has a rough track which to many triathletes is quite alien.  The run route is flattish howver with less than 2 miles to the end there is a sting in the tail with the run Climbing Rannerdale Knotts, as hort steep climb with steps that triggers the cramp for the runners.

Enough of my ramblings, pictures of the race can be seen here,


with full resolution high quality pictures available for purchase, enjoy and leave a reply if you like…




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