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Racing Snakes adventure and endurance blog is opening it’s door to allow Race Directors and Race enthusiasts alike to blog directly on the racing snakes website. This is a free service that will allow you to blog without having to set up your own website on a platform that attracts like minded people. The website currently attracts thousands of visitors each month, making it a perfect platform to share and shout about races and experience. The blog is hosted on wordpress and is very simple to use. As a contributor you will be able to add both text and images.

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Racing Snakes blog for adventure and endurance sport

Race Directors

Race directors can promote upcoming events with links to the official website and entry systems. Post race you can add reports and share the experience of those that took part which not only is great for participants to re-live the experience but also a fantastic way of promoting future events.  The url link is SEO friendly and can be shared on Social Media etc.

Competitor Reports

For those that have taken part in the event it’s great to capture those memories and share the experience. A few pointers maybe
What worked well on the event, food and kit?
What went well and what could have been better?
Would you do it again?


How do I blog on Racing Snakes?

Simply drop an email to I will send you log on details. Once logged in you will see a tab called New Posts. This is where you type your report and add images.  Ideally the blog should be over 250 words and contain a photo (in wordpress these are called media). On the right side of the screen you can add to and create categories, these just make it easier for people to find your posts.  It all is very easy and a great way to get your blogs and promotions out there.


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