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Langdale Fell Race Photos

langdale horseshoe fell race

Langdale Fell Race Photos 2013.  Photos of langdale fell race. On Staurday 12 October 2013 the Langdale Fell Race took place.  I decided I would test a new camera lense out, it was all a bit last minute.  The Langedale Fell Race sets off from near the Old Dungeon Gyhll Inn in the LangDales and sets off in the direction of the New Dungeon Ghyll.  Just a quick plug for a friends bunkhouse which is located here, a great spot and close to two lovely pubs and more adventure than you can shake a stick at http://www.greatlangdalebunkhouse.co.uk/.  The Langdale Fell race continues up the steep gully heading up towards stickle tarn. before heading in an anticlockwise direction taking in Pavey Ark, Pike of Stickle, Bow Fell, Crinkle Craggs and Pike of Blisco.

My plan of action was to climb to the summit of the Pike of Blisco (705m) before the first runners arrived.  The day was better weather than expected with pretty clear visibility on the tops except a bit of cloud cover on Bowfell.  I was hoping to get some shots of the runners of the Langadale Fell Race summiting the Pike of Blisco capturing the stunning backdrop of the Langdale Peaks.  From the summit of the pike you have a great view over towards Crinkle Craggs and it would be psooble to watch the runners descending to Red Tarn before the ascent.  The first of the runners were spotted right on schedule and excitement grew on the peak.  There were about ten people on the summit including marshalls all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first runners.

langdale fell race photos

I got my camera ready and started taking photos.  There were a couple of routes off the summit which could be taken but most took the obvious line.  I spent 20 inutes on the paek scampering around before descending off the hill capturing photos of the runners as they descended.  The art was guessing which line the runners would take, and there were many variations.  I was kept busy running from spot to spot.  The results of the days work can be seen on racingsnakes.com