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How to make money from selling your sports photos. Racing Snakes now offers the opportunity for anyone with good quality photography of adventure and endurance sports the chance to sell them on the racing snakes photo store.  Images should be of very good quality and have a maximum long edge of 5000 pixels (this can be set in lightroom and most photo editing software).  To start selling your sports photo's you will first need a membership (currently this is FREE but hurry as this might change without warning).


Make money from selling your adventure sports or endurance sports photography



Make Money from Selling Your Sports and Endurance Sports Photo's Online

You can sign up for a membership here, select the photographers membership and this will allow you to upload photos as a contributor to the racing snakes photo sales.  For each photo sold racing snakes pays you 80% commission (minus paypal fees) making you money from selling your sports photography. This is one, if not the best rate of commission paid as for a photography sales website.


Example Commission

Photograph sells for £6

80% of £4.80 to photographer.


The process is simple, once you have signed up for a photographers membership you can start selling. Not only do you get a membership account to start selling photos but you also get to tell people about yourself including adding an avatar, a link to your website and an area to edit your bio, which gives potential customers more faith in your work.


How To Add Photos to Start Selling

NOTE - If you have lots of images from one race please contact ( for an album to be created for you to add images to.

Once logged in, you will be presented with a dashboard, on the left hand side there is a button to add new media, select this. (note images should be a maximum of 5000 pixels otherwise they may not load properly - this till allows for an A3+ print to be printed)

You can choose whether to upload images via HTML or a javascript up-loader. You can drag images or click the + button to select images to upload.

Click the button 'start'.

You will be then presented with an 'add Media Panel'. You can choose to add media to albums and galleries (good idea if you have lots of images of one race - contact for a gallery to be created.

Add the details of the image including keywords that will allow it to be searched for.

You can now edit the price you want for the image(s), leaving this blank will default to the price set by me!! You can also set the price for commercial sales of your photo.


That's it  - Your Images are now up for Sale, you make money for everyone of your photos sold.


You can then share links to your photos as you wish, use facebook or twitter, the more you share the better chance you have of making money from your adventure sports and endurance photo sales.


Commission is paid at the end of each month and can be paid via paypal or BACS.


Please do get in contact if you have any questions, why not give it a go, join up and start selling.


Racing Snakes photo store is suitable for selling photos of Ultra running, fell running, adventure racing, kayak sports, orienteering, mountain marathons, triathlons, duathlons, trail running,  mountain bike enduro, MTBO, trailquests, marathons, half marathons, sky running, mountain running, cycling sportives.
 If in doubt whether your images are suitable please contact.


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Racing Snakes logo. for the latest on Endurance sport

Make money from selling your adventure sports or endurance sports photography

Racing Snakes logo. for the latest on Endurance sport
Racing Snakes logo. for the latest on Endurance sport